What is Benchmarking?

If you want deeper insight into how you can improve the cost and quality of the auxiliary services in your school district; you are in the right spot.

The objective of applying benchmarking concepts to the school environment is to drive towards the identification and implementation of “best practices”.  In order to do that, we first need good measurement.  What are the key metrics?  How can we insure that we are working with quality data?  If we don’t start with good data, we won’t get good information in order to make good decisions.

We don’t use a survey process.  Instead, we collect audited financial data, along with key operational data, and apply the same rigor to each district’s information so that we can reach unbiased conclusions and make the best apples to apples comparison.

Rather than only consider the “inputs”; labor, materials, etc., this program focuses on the results you are trying to achieve.  What does it cost to maintain the temperature in your facility per square foot?  What does it take to keep it clean?  How do we compare to others in handling payroll or processing invoices?  How about the cost to maintain the buildings or keep the grounds looking sharp and representative of the pride you take in how your school facilitylooks?  And, once you know all that, how do you draw credible comparisons with other leading districts?

Each year, we collect data from progressive districts - of all sizes.  By normalizing the data we can all learn from each other.  Then, we can have excellent discussion at our User Group meetings (The Excellence Network).  In these discussions we can identify what makes the difference and lay out a banquet table that allows each district to choose solutions they can implement in their environment.

Come join the team for the annual benchmarking study for school auxiliary functions.  


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