Move that Dot … the process of IDENTIFYING OPPORTUNITIES and making positive change.

Have you ever been in a large building and in search of a directory sign?  You just need some perspective.  You sort of know where you are but you need direction.  To get where you want to go quickly – you need guidance.  And then you look at the map and see that critical piece of information – “YOU ARE HERE”.  All of a sudden your journey becomes easier.

That is what benchmarking does.  It does a critical review of your performance metrics.  It helps by clearly identifying – “YOU ARE HERE”.  Now the journey to where you want to go becomes more evident.  You can quickly see what parts of your program are on track, and where some tweaking is needed.  Once you have benchmarked your performance you can make adjustments with confidence.

Once you benchmark you know where your data plots on a graph, next it’s important to MOVE THAT DOT and show tangible progress.  The benchmarking study results provide detailed data and suggested areas for further investigation.  After districts receive their benchmarking results they often ask for help in implementing changes.  The base of a good plan has to really understand “why” things are the way they are.  It may take interviews, assessment of your culture, personnel evaluations, equipment assessments, and perspective and resources beyond your in-house staff.

To put together an effective improvement plan you may need outside assistance from experts.  Please contact
and we can recommend subject matter experts that you may want to engage.

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