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We help benchmark for schools in Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. If you benchmark for school districts, do benchmarking for schools, or need benchmarking for school districts, along with school facility management tied to school facility budgets and school facility budgeting, we offer a great tool. School facilities management, school facilities budgets, school facilities budgeting, schools facilities management, schools facilities budgets, and schools facilities budgeting can be complex. Control maintenance costs for schools, heating and cooling costs for schools, energy use for schools, efficiency measures for schools, schools’ cost of operations, operating costs of operations for schools, schools custodial costs, and custodial costs for schools. Manage utility costs for schools, schools’ expenses through data for schools, budget averages for schools, budget numbers for schools, and schools’ budget numbers. Answer questions about operations staffing for schools, how many maintenance guys per school, how many square feet should a school custodian clean, maintenance cost per student, and operations costs per student through online school maintenance consultants. Determine schools’ maintenance department size. We were founded to benchmark for Texas schools, benchmark for Texas school districts, provide benchmarking for Texas schools, benchmarking for Texas school districts, and enhance school facility management in Texas.